Thank you

16 October 2015

New Website

Our crowdfunding campaign reached a final total of £25,835! Not only is Robin of Sherwood coming back after thirty years, but Richard Carpenter's chosen charities, the Sherwood Forest Trust and British Red Cross, are going to get a healthy chunk of money. So thank you all! And now we'll crack on with making 'The Knights of the Apocalypse'...

Stretch goal!

21 September 2015

New Website

If we reach £20,000, then come next June all funders will receive an ebook of the novelisation of Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse, adapted by the brilliant Paul Magrs from the original script by Richard Carpenter.

Magrs is best known for his novel series The Adventures of Brenda and Effie, and his numerous contributions to the Doctor Who universe. He has written over 30 novels, including this year’s YA adventure Lost on Mars, which was named by The Telegraph as one of their Best YA Books of 2015 and The Independent’s Best Summer Reads 2015. He’s also a huge Robin of Sherwood fan!

We're funded!

16 September 2015

New Website

Our crowdfunding campaign has reached its target in an incredible 24 hours!

We hoped to raise £10,000 towards production costs in thirty days, and achieved it in less than a day - all thanks to you lot.

Jason Connery (Robert of Huntingdon) said: "I've checked the hood, and it still fits. It's finally time to bring Robin of Sherwood back, and I'm thrilled that our fans have raised so much money in such a short space of time to do exactly that."

Clive Mantle (Little John) said: "How amazing. I always knew the show had an incredible and loyal following. This mass show of support is testament to that. Thank you ALL, on behalf of the charities especially, and in memory of the great Kip Carpenter."

Mark Ryan (Nasir) added: “This is really impressive and very moving. Fully funded in under 24 hours? Amazing response! It's very humbling to know that something you were involved in and enjoyed so much 30+ years ago is still cherished by the fans and relevant today.”

Phil Rose (Friar Tuck) said: “I’m so pleased that this project has brought together the cast, Kip’s original script, and also the fans that have made this possible and have waited so long for this. They have not waited in vain!”

Kip's daughter, Harriet Carpenter, commented: "Thank you so much to everybody who has donated to this crowdfunding venture to bring back Robin of Sherwood. Dad would have been overwhelmed by the response from the fans who have stuck by the series for all these years.  To be remembered like this is something quite remarkable, and I have no doubt it will be a great success."

And producers Simon Barnard and Barnaby Eaton-Jones said: "To hit our crowdfunding target in less than 24 hours is unbelievable, and shows the extraordinary amount of love that Robin of Sherwood has even now, thirty years on. But it’s not over: keep funding, keep sharing, and keep supporting this project, as it’s all for a very good cause. And bring on the recording studio!" 

But it's not over yet. The Knights of the Apocalypse will continue funding for the next 30 days, and every penny we raise above our production costs will go to the British Red Cross and the Sherwood Forest Trust. So please, keep funding!

Now funding!

15 September 2015

New Website

Our crowdfunding campaign for Robin of Sherwood - The Knights of the Apocalypse is now live!

So hurry on over to Indiegogo to watch a nice video with the Sheriff of Nottingham, mull over some lovely perks, and pledge money to some great causes.

The Sheriff is coming...

14 September 2015

New Website

Beware! Tomorrow the Sheriff of Nottingham will be knocking on your door and demanding his taxes. 

Yes, our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off tomorrow, so watch this space. We'll be keeping you updated with all the latest Knights of the Apocalypse news: how much we've raised, casting announcements, how many cups of tea the producer has drunk that morning. All the important stuff.

Together we can bring back Robin of Sherwood - and it all starts tomorrow!