TV classic Robin of Sherwood is coming back…
but we need your help!

Robin of Sherwood broke new ground when it was first broadcast in 1984, and thirty years on the series is still many people’s favourite telling of the legend – all thanks to the genius of its creator and writer, Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter. When the series ended, Kip tried for years to revive it, even writing a feature-length script that followed on from the end of the series, called The Knights of the Apocalypse.

Richard Carpenter died in 2012, but now his long-cherished project is finally being made. The original cast of the series – including Ray Winstone, Jason Connery, Clive Mantle, Judi Trott, Nikolas Grace, Mark Ryan and Phil Rose – are getting back together to record a one-off audio adaptation of The Knights of the Apocalypse.

The audio drama will be released in early 2016, and all profits raised will go to Kip’s favourite charities – the Sherwood Forest Trust and the British Red Cross.

Now we need your help. We’re launching a crowdfunding appeal on Indiegogo in September 2015, to cover the costs of production. In exchange for your support, we’re offering a range of exciting rewards, from signed artwork to the chance to attend our premiere and meet the cast.

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Jason Connery said:

“My time in Sherwood was spent working with wonderful actors who became lifelong friends, and behind it all was Richard 'Kip' Carpenter's brilliant writing, whose scripts we brought to life. After many false dawns, I can finally say that Robin of Sherwood is coming back. And so am I! The Hooded Man is ready to face the evil machinations of the Sheriff of Nottingham again, surrounded by my wonderful band of Merries, in a brand-new audio adventure written by Kip himself. We may be a little older and wiser in real life but, on audio, we're forever young and golden-haired."


Harriet Carpenter, daughter of Richard Carpenter, commented:

"I’m thrilled to learn of the return of Robin of Sherwood as an audio production, especially as it is based on a script my father wrote many years ago. I think it says something about my dad that so many members of the original cast have agreed to be a part of it, so I sincerely thank them all for their support. Dad loved his work and spent hours sitting in his study mulling over a word or sentence. We often said he lived in his own little world, and it was true. His world consisted of history and music, legends and magic. And this is what he wrote into the stories of Robin of Sherwood. The fact this audio will benefit two such worthy causes as the Red Cross and the Sherwood Forest Trust simply makes it all the more worthwhile. Nothing is ever forgotten."


Producers Simon Barnard and Barnaby Eaton-Jones added:

"We can’t begin to say how excited we are to be producing this audio revival of Robin of Sherwood, the best retelling of the Robin Hood legend ever made. We’ll do our very best to hold the bow steady, and to do justice to Richard Carpenter’s wonderful script."